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After years as a download, you can now purchase The Last Old Man as a tangible, printed book -- something you can hold, bend and dog-ear. The e-book version was rated 8.75 out of 10 by readers, and the author has received thank you letters for its writing. Why? Because it is an inspiring, hopeful book about three generations of men, young to old, all trying to find their place. The Last Old Man is the journey faced by all men.

A boy, his father and an old man go on a short trip, planned long before they knew it was necessary. On the trip, they learn about themselves, those who have marked their path and those who are watching. Always, it is about their journey to be men, good men, while fallible. The journey helps them understand their connections, who they are, where they fit and why they needed.

The Last Old Man is a journey every man takes. In a time when male role models are necessary, The Last Old Man is a book that shows us they are everywhere, and within.

Publisher: iomam
Author: e. a. graham
ISBN: 097601680X
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A note from the author:

Some have said writing the book is easy, it's selling it that's hard. It's not true: Writing the book is a fulfilling passion that is an incredible challenge; selling the book is a nightmare mostly out of the writer's hands. The fate of a book is in the hands of you, the reader. Reader's buy books, pass books along and recommend books.

Of course I want this book to do well, and if that takes 10 years, so be it, but that is not why I wrote the book. I wrote the book because it was something that I had to express, whether it sells two copies or two million. Even if it sold none, this is a book a had to write. I would ask, though, that if you enjoyed the book, please: Buy it. Read it. Recommend it. Pass it along.

Whatever you do, thank you for taking the time to read The Last Old Man. And for those who have been touched by the book enough to take the time and let me know, thank you. I appreciate your kind words. You will never know how important your words have been.

Thank you,

- e. a. graham


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